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Andrew J. Oppel


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    A Beginner’s Guide
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  • This fully revised, self-paced learning tool lays out all the necessary steps to quickly and easily start writing SQL programs Thoroughly updated to reflect the most recent ANSI/ISO standard, SQL: A Beginner’s Guide, Fourth Edition will get you up-and-running with SQL programming right away. Clear tutorials, annotated code, and proven instructional tools guide you to easily performing queries and modifications, building databases, creating and reviewing embedded statements, troubleshooting system- and data-related problems, and much more. You will learn how to retrieve, insert, update, and delete database data, and perform management and administrative functions. The book also covers new features, including SQL/XML and the long-awaited temporal support. Code examples are provided throughout along with notes on using them with the latest RDBMS software versions such as MySQL 5.7, SQL Server 2014, and Oracle Database 12c. Platform-neutral coverage; all skills can be applied to any database product, and any SQL version Features hands-on exercises and self-tests that reinforce basic knowledge ”Ask the Expert” sections throughout are filled with bonus information and useful tips


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