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Screenwriting Updated

Linda Aronson


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    New (And Conventional) Ways of Writing for the Screen
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  • Today’s screenwriter must be adept at today’s popular yet often complex and unconventional script forms, such as the parallel storytelling of ‘Pulp Fiction’ and ‘Magnolia’, the multiple protagonist narrative of ‘American Beauty’, and the complex flashback forms of ‘The Usual Suspects’ and ‘The Sweet Hereafter’. Becoming comfortable with and skilled in such modern script forms is the focus of this text which identifies basic parallel structures, clearly explains how and why they work (or fail to work), and establishes the basic principles of their construction. These modern forms are presented in tandem with and in relation to tried-and-true, traditional screenwriting forms, rendering unconventional structures as easily grasped as conventional ones. Unlike any other screenwriting book, this book combines solid, basic screenwriting craft with a thorough presentation of very contemporary script structures. The result is a unique, wide-ranging, in-depth screenwriting text and do-it-yourself script-doctoring manual suitable for both seasoned and novice writers.


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