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Farmyard Knits

Fiona Goble


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  • Hi-ho, the dairy-o meets knit one, purl one in the latest book of adorable toy knits from best-selling knitting author Fiona Goble.
    Fiona Goble’s ”Farmyard Knits” takes you through a day in the life of a farm as knitters of all skill levels create a farmer and his wife, their cat and sheep-herding dog, and a whole host of charming farmyard animals, from the rooster that crows to greet the day, to the cows slowly chewing their cud in the meadow, to the horse eating hay in its paddock, the pigs playing in their pen, the sheep who are herded into the barn as night falls, and a sly fox that prowls around the coop after dark while the hens are snug in their roosts. You can even knit an adorable tractor for the farmer to ride on, as well as a playmat with a variety of fields and a pond to set the scene.
    The little farmyard knits make perfect gifts or toys for children as you teach them about animals and life on the farm. Each pattern begins with a list of materials needed and includes step-by-step instructions, along with full-color photographs of the completed dolls. An illustrated overview explains all the stitches and techniques. More than just a knitting book, the gorgeously illustrated pages of ”Farmyard Knits” also tell the story of the farmer and his wife as they go about their daily chores.


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