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Altindische Syntax

Berthold Delbruck


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  • The famous scholar of Indo-European syntax Berthold Delbruck (1842-1922) published this study of Sanskrit syntax in 1888. It focuses on the stage of the language that was termed ‘Vedic’ by the Indian grammarian Panini (c. 400 BCE). Delbruck’s intention was to describe that material as clearly and thoroughly as possible in order to facilitate future comparative or in-depth studies. The book begins with chapters devoted to basic sentence structure and word order, before moving on to number, gender, case, declension of nouns, and then adjectives, adverbs, pronouns and verbs with their tenses, moods and conjugations. Prepositions and particles follow, and the book ends with discussion of subordinate clauses and other complex structures. The grammatical points are illustrated by numerous text examples, with references and translations into German, and there are thorough indexes of words and of textual passages cited.


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