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Strategy Safari

Henry Mintzberg


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    A Guided Tour Through The Wilds Of Strategic Management
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  • ”Strategy Safari, ” the international bestseller on strategy by leading management thinker Henry Mintzberg and his colleagues Bruce Ahlstrand and Joseph Lampel, is widely considered a classic work in the field. No other book synthesizes the entire history and evolution of strategic management in so lively and entertaining a fashion. Since the initial publication of ”Strategy Safari, ” managers, consultants, and academics all over the world have found this book an indispensable and delightful tool — it has been translated into more than ten languages, including Chinese, Russian, and French, and has been used in top MBA programs worldwide. ”Strategy Safari” makes sense of a field that often seems to make no sense. Mintzberg, Ahlstrand, and Lampel pair their sweeping vision of strategy making with an authoritative catalog in which they identify ten schools of strategy that have emerged over the past four decades. Why struggle through the vast, confusing terrain of strategy formation? With clarity and depth, ”Strategy Safari” maps the strategic landscape and facilitates intelligent, informed strategy formation.


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