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Open City

Teju Cole


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  • A ”New York Times” Notable Book One of the ten top novels of the year ”Time” and NPR
    NAMED A BEST BOOK ON MORE THAN TWENTY END-OF-THE-YEAR LISTS, INCLUDING ”The New Yorker” ”The Atlantic” ”The Economist” ”Newsweek”/The Daily Beast ”The New Republic” New York ”Daily News Los Angeles Times” ”The Boston Globe” ”The Seattle Times” Minneapolis ”Star Tribune GQ ”Salon Slate ”New York” magazine ”The Week” ” The Kansas City Star” ”Kirkus Reviews”
    A haunting novel about identity, dislocation, and history, Teju Cole s ”Open City” is a profound work by an important new author who has much to say about our country and our world.
    Along the streets of Manhattan, a young Nigerian doctor named Julius wanders, reflecting on his relationships, his recent breakup with his girlfriend, his present, his past. He encounters people from different cultures and classes who will provide insight on his journey which takes him to Brussels, to the Nigeria of his youth, and into the most unrecognizable facets of his own soul.
    A] prismatic debut . . . beautiful, subtle, and] original. ” The New Yorker”
    A psychological hand grenade. ”The Atlantic”
    Magnificent . . . a remarkably resonant feat of prose. ” The Seattle Times”
    A precise and poetic meditation on love, race, identity, friendship, memory, and] dislocation. ” The Economist””


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