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Hidden Riches

Nora Roberts


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  • Creative and spontaneous, antiques dealer Dora Conroy has an infectious enthusiasm for life. She also has an eye for quality, and her gorgeous shop in Philadelphia is overflowing with fascinating finds. But when – on impulse – she buys a few curiosities at auction, she gets a lot more than she bargained for. Because Dora doesn’t realise she has brought home a priceless cache of treasure: a collection that one ruthless criminal is determined to make his own – whatever the cost …Caught up in a deadly chase, Dora turns in desperation to her new neighbour, ex-cop Jed Skimmerhorn. Jed, struggling with a personal tragedy, has no wish to jump back into the line of fire. But there is something irresistible about Dora …As Jed and Dora fight their growing attraction, they must work out what they value the most, before it’s too late.


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